Aircraft Spares

Aircraft Spares Distributor

It is not necessary that every maintenance issue will be for rotables or avionics. It could be for Airframe and could lead to an AOG situation.
We will also ensure that you get the great quality window with a OEM warranty. Flight Logistics can also offer exchanges with OEM's.
Avionics & Instruments
Our beliefs reside in providing consistent reliable service to our customers, while providing Overhaul / Repair / Serviceable products at a reasonable price.
Flight Logistics provides full support on rotable components, accessories and avionic components. We have various rotable components available on an exchange basis.
Landing Gears
Do you have Landing Gear need? We support you for immediate exchange to get you back in the air swiftly.
Flight Logistics works very closely with OEM and it's Distributor to ensure and maintain highest levels of service and support.
Engine Parts & Tooling Support
Flight Logistics is the one stop shop for your Engine Parts and Tools and we ensure that you get the FAA certified parts with a OEM warranty.
Consumables & Lubricants
Flight Logistics has its reliable and large network for Aviation Lubricants & Chemicals. You name the consumable/s, abrasives,